Dating lois

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Lois and Clark manage to finally spot him and with the help of Superman, they arrest him sending him back to prison.

He still finds a way to help when Lois gives him the idea to be in South Metropolis undercover, so Intergang will not know that Superman is there.At the same time, Arianna gets hired by Perry on the Daily Planet as a therapist and pushes everyone to believe even more that Lois is not herself and she needs help.Clark decides to help Lois investigate the truth even though he is not sure if he has to believe her when she says that she is fine.Eventually, they discover the true identity of Arianna as Lex's ex-wife and they reveal the truth but not before Arianna captures Lois and attempts to kill Superman using kryptonite making it look like Lois did it.Lois manages to help Superman and he makes sure that Arianna and the duplicate gets arrested. Gretchen Kelly (Denise Crosby), who is taking care of Lex's body that was stolen at the end of season one after his death, tells him that Arianna failed but he will always have her.

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